Importing customers: upload CSV

You can import your customers into Cinderblock by uploading a CSV.

  1. Compare your customer list to this CSV template, and modify where necessary (the template shows you how your CSV file must be structured in order for the import to be successful).
  2. On the Customers page click the Import customers button
  3. Select the CSV file you’d like to import.
  4. Click Start Import
  5. You will see the result of your import in your notification center.

📝 Please note, that only users with Admin rights can import customers.

Meaning of the customer import notifications.

Successful: 100% of the customer record in your CSV were imported.

Partially successful: some of your customers imported successfully, and some failed. (an output report is coming soon, but is not yet available.)

Failed: no customers were imported.

Customer CSV template.

You can download and use as a template this CSV file.

CSV format details.

📝 To be successful, just the first name OR last name OR company cell must be populated. However, if you are including an address, the full address details must be provided or else it will fail.

📝 Although Cinderblock supports multiple addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers, at this moment you can import just the primary address, email address, and phone number.

Your CSV should contain the following column headers:

First Name - the first name of the customer.

Last Name - the last name of the customer.

Company - the name of the company that the customer uses, if applicable.

Notes - customer notes.

Email - the email address of the customer. We are accepting email addresses only in the following format: If the customer’s email will be wrongly formatted - this customer will not be imported. Right now we are importing just one email.

Phone number - the phone number of the customer.

Address line 1 - The first line of the customer’s address.

Address line 2 - The second line of the customer’s address, If it exists.

City - the city customer lives in or where his office is located.

State - the state is the required field for US and Canada addresses. The state can be written in full, like California or in official abbreviation, like CA. For addresses, which are not USA or Canada this column’s values can be blank.

Postal code - the postal or zip code for the customer’s address.

Country - the country the customer lives in or where his office is located. The country can be written in full, like United States, or in official abbreviation, like USA.

📝 For an address import to be successful all of the required address attributes must be present (State for non-USA or Canada addresses you can leave “State” column blank).

  • Do not add, delete, rename or change the order of these columns - Cinderblock looks at the column order to determine the field. (example: “Notes” must be the fourth column).
  • We encourage you to use our CSV template to help you to format your CSV file.
  • The only required field for import to be successful is either First name, Last name, or Company.
  • Each customer must include at least one of the following: First name, Last name, and/or Company name. Without at least one of these, the customer will not be imported.
  • Reuploading a CSV with the customer that was already uploaded will result with a duplicate customer. Please make edits to the existing customer within the Cinderblock app.