Easy to use job management software for plumbers

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When you have to juggle schedules, estimates, change orders, and more, it’s easy for things to leak through the cracks. With all the moving parts involved with managing a plumbing project, wouldn’t it be great to have an easy-to-use field service app that helps keep things flowing smoothly? With Cinderblock, you’ll get contractor job tracking software that’s simple to use and designed specifically for businesses like yours.

Cinderblock is a job management app that gives you complete control over your projects—big, or small. With everything organized and in one place, you’ll have access to a main line tool that keeps all of your plumbing projects moving forward. Enjoy clear and streamlined communication across your team, allowing you to stay on point and provide your customers with quality service. With our intuitive plumbing service software you’ll enjoy a system that helps you get the job done.

Plumbing Management Software

Cinderblock has a wide range of featuresdesigned to make your projects run smoothly. With our easy-to-setup solutions, you’ll be able to improve your management skills faster than your best plumber can tighten a loose trap. Well, not quite, but you get the idea.

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Job Notes Keep Everyone in the Loop

Job notes allow you and your team to communicate effectively. Whether you’re on the web app or mobile app, notes are updated in real time and available to everyone on the team. You can even tag a co-worker.
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Assign Tasks with Lists

With lists you’re able to assign tasks so everyone knows exactly what needs to get done, and as a manager you’ll know exactly WHAT has been done. Completed lists can also be emailed.
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