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I was a lousy dictator

June 13, 2022 Dov Baram

Dictatorship sucks!

I thought we were being helpful when deciding to enforce certain workflows, such as preventing a user from creating an appointment with a historic date (I mean, why would anyone want to create an appointment for last week!? - funnily enough, new designers ask the same question!)

In theory, the ideas made sense; if the goal is to help companies stay organized, shouldn’t we prevent seemingly illogical workflows? Nope! We learned that we should let the user decide what’s “illogical”. That’s their business, and it’s not our job to dictate how they should work.

In hindsight, I should’ve known better, because in response to competitors who follow a more rigid approach, we intentionally provided flexibility with other functions (e.g. customizable job statuses). So didn’t I already know flexibility was the way forward?

Fortunately, and thanks to our outstanding dev team, we’ve already weeded out most of these undesirable behaviors, but there are still a few things sitting on the chopping block. This lesson didn’t come cheap!