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We launched (thanks to Covid)!

July 28, 2022 Dov Baram

It’s been a bloody long ride.

A chance encounter with a plumber in 2014 planted the seed which today has blossomed into a living piece of software. But it wasn’t until late 2017 for the project’s actual foundations to be laid. After working with Salvatore Ferrucci and Davide Papagni (two very talented coders) for about a year, I pitched them Cinderblock, and they loved it. The only problem was that we were (as a team) already deeply involved in another project, resulting with Cinderblock moving at a proverbial snail’s pace. But then - BAM! - Covid hit, suspending our other project. It was a sign! We needed to get serious about Cinderblock.

Our mission was (and still is) to build an easy-to-use job management app for contractors. Something which could be put into action on day one, with minimal setup or training. And I think we did a pretty decent job (with room for improvement, of course!).

By December 2020 our app was live, albeit with many rough edges. We weren’t ready for it, but shortly after publishing the app we received our first unsolicited demo request - and by some miracle that company is still with us today. Thanks Gino!

Over the past year and a half we onboarded more and more companies, giving them free rein of the app, because we understood that daily feedback and usage would be essential to building an awesome product. And thanks to this “extended trial” period, we were able to make the product stronger each day.

We’re launching Cinderblock with three tiers: Solo (totally free!), Foundation, and Build. Each tier is tailored for companies at various stages and with different needs.

When I started this journey I never imagined how many people and how much time it would take to get to this point. I owe a BIG thanks to everyone on the team, particularly Davide, our lead dev, who wore many hats and worked his ass off to get this right. Thank you to all the early adopters, believers, family, and friends, whose support and encouragement kept me going.

Now the “easy” part is out of the way. Let’s get to work!